Should Your Company Have an Open-Office Floor Plan?

Cubicles and closed off working spaces are largely a thing of the past. Instead, 80% of modern companies are opting for open-concept floor plans. It’s easy to understand why — this type of office layout reportedly helps foster collaboration and team communication, keeps energy levels high, and promotes accessibility.

Still, there are pros and cons to an open floor plan setting. If you’re remodeling your office and wondering if an open plan is right for your business, there are some important things to consider — like your industry, company culture, number of employees, and how the space is used.

In this post, we’ll be looking at all this and more.

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Fundamentals of Great Restaurant Design

So you’ve developed a great restaurant idea, secured financing for your new venture, and purchased or leased a space. Maybe you’ve already developed the menu and brainstormed the aesthetic you want for your new restaurant.

Now it’s time to learn the basics of restaurant design to ensure your space will be up to code, provide a great experience for your customers, and be an efficient workspace for your team.

In this month’s post, we’ll outline the fundamental of great restaurant design. We’ll go over seating, the design of the kitchen, and much more!

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Our Top 8 Design Tips for Retail Spaces

Researching ways to design the perfect retail space for your Portland business? Not sure where to start? When building out a retail location, make sure to reflect your brand’s values while emphasizing your goal: selling merchandise!

But how do you actually design a space that works? In this post, we’ll outline some tips on how to create a beautiful and functional space for your retail business.

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Tenant Improvement Projects

Top 6 Tips For a Tenant Improvement Project

Is your business growing? Are you starting a new company and looking for the perfect space? With Portland’s red hot commercial real estate market, competition is fierce. Your new property might need a little TLC in the form of a tenant improvement project.

At BnK Construction we work with business owners to help them design and build out leased office space and other commercial properties. In today’s post, we’ll review a few of the best ways to make sure your tenant improvement project is a success.

If you’re planning a new project, call us today at  (503) 557-0866 to learn more about how we might be able to help!

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Veterinary Office Features Pets (And Their Human Friends) Love!

People love their pets and want them treated at a veterinary clinic where they, and their pet, feel safe and comfortable. While the quality of care will generally be the most important thing, having a veterinary office that compliments and allows for a comfortable experience is crucial.

In this month’s post, we’ll take a look at veterinary clinic remodel and construction features you can implement in your own office.

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